Landscaping and Garden Supply in Newburgh and Evansville, IN

Mother Nature Never Closes

While we acknowledge the health and safety of people we care about at home, in our garden center, and our wider communities, we’ve organized around what we can do to make things better and more beautiful for everyone.

  1. We are currently open for fresh-air shopping at our 13 acre facility, so there is plenty of room to roam. Landscaping and lawn care service providers are considered essectial business under the Governors Executive Order.
  2. Call, email, or chat with us online via Facebook and Google and at this site on our contact page. We offer a huge selection of ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables, outdoor furniture, and garden décor. Now is a good time to walk your yard and take stock of things.
  3. Free personal shopper service: Call in and specify plants, colors, ideal shape and size. We’ll gather the freshest best-of-the-best and you can use curbside pick-up or choose delivery.
  4. Curbside pick-up. Call when you’re here and we’ll load your car.
  5. We deliver and plant. Free delivery for orders of $100 or more within 10 miles or our location. Please call for details and pricing.
  6. Now is the time to mulch with the Tristate’s largest selection of hardwood BARK mulch. Free local delivery of 5 or more yards of mulch.
  7. Cheer someone up with a gift card. Purchase a $100 card for $80 thru April 1, 2020. We will be happy to mail a gift card, email a certificate, or you can pick it up at the garden center